Preparing for a Job Interview

  • Be prepared.  ALWAYS bring several clean, hard copies of your resume to the interview.

  • Dress professionally.  This standard varies by company and industry; however, "business casual" applies to staff, not candidates!

  • Speak in a conversational style, "actively" listen, and respond to the questions in a way that invites dialogue.  The interviewer will be more forthcoming and you will get more information about the opportunity.

  • At the end of the interview, do not be shy about letting the employer know you are interested.  We can get you to the next step faster when you show your enthusiasm!

  • Personalize your thank-you letter to reflect points discussed during the interview.  State the immediate contributions you would make and again, let your interest show! 

  • Edit, edit, edit—a typo could cost you the job offer!










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